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New Generation Stylist (everything except cut at this stage)

I was 15 when I completed a Beauty Therapy and retail course. I loved hair and make-up. My course made me realise my passion was with hair; rather than waxing and painting toe nails.

My older sister; a qualified hairdresser, taught me how to apply colour and the science behind hairdressing. It was a few months later when Janine took me on and gave me full training on colour application, removal & massage, blow waving, styling, and customer service.

I specialise in colour removal, toning, hair extensions, blonde care, and maintenance. I love creating bright vibrant colours, Ballayage, and seeing my clients leave happy with an amazing new colour/ style that suits their personality.

Friends and family are important to me, I spend a lot of time with them. I am a big foody – exploring different cultures and trying new things. I also like art; especially body art – tattoos.

Come in and see me Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday nights and Saturdays.










Senior Stylist

I am from Serbia; Europe.

I have 17 years’ experience as a senior in hairdressing.

I specialise in colour and cut. I am passionate about free style hair, turn overs, colour and cut.

My goal is to pass on my knowledge and teach others hairdressing.

I love to garden and hiking.

Come in and see me Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday










Senior Stylist

Hi, I'm Hayley. I have 8.5 years hairdressing experience.

I specialise in vibrant colours, balayage, ombre, blonde; really most colour work. I love creating graduated bobs and colouring. 

My goal is to work upwards within the salon and make a name for myself so people hear about the work I do. 

I have two dogs that I love to walk. I also take bike rides and visit family in my spare time.

Come in and see me Tuesday through to Saturday. 








Senior Stylist / Trainer

Hi everyone, I am Christine am I am from South Africa. 

I am extremly experienced in cutting, colouring, perming, foiling, extensions, straightning, blow waving and hair-ups. 

I am passionate about anything and everything to do with hair. I just love it!

I would love to pass on my knowledge in lecturing and ultimately becoming better at hairdressing in the next 5 years.

I love spending time with my family and exploring New Zealand.

Come in and see me Tuesday to Saturday 









Wasseim Sati

Where are you from?
Jordan – Amman

How long have you been with Janine Jansen?
Since September 2014.

What made you want to become a Stylist?
I love barbering and hairdressing.  

Which celebrity do you think rocks the best hair styles?
Denzel Washington.

Who inspires you the most in work and life?
My mother.

What are your specialties as a stylist?
Threading, texturing and fades.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? 
Famous barber at Janine Jansen. 








Where am I from?
Nelson originally.

How long have you been with Janine Jansen?
Since the start of 2016.

What made me want to be a hairdresser?
The passion of giving, creating and sharing my excitement for the industry. To make people feel truly valued and beautiful.

Who inspires me in work and life?
You have to be your own inspiration, you will only ever be what you make of yourself.

Which celebrity do I think rocks her hair?
Amy Winehouse, Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Anniston.

What are my specialties as a stylist?
Listening to and performing above the expectations of my clients.

Favourite quote?
"Never regret what makes you smile, at the time it was exactly what you wanted." 

Where do I see myself in 10 years?
I'm spontaneous, I never put limits on myself.